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AHR Expo

Are you attending the HVACR industry's premier event? Plan to stop by booth N9522 and say hello. We look forward to seeing you there!

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New UV Product! UE-ADPL-S

The UE-ADPL-S is an ultraviolet light system specifically designed to be mounted into new or existing ductwork as a stand-alone unit or in conjunction with a control or manual volume damper. This model is ideal for light commercial applications like banks, restaurants, and small shopping centers.

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Laura Gregg feature

Meet The Team

Meet Laura Gregg, United Enertech Customer Care Manager. Laura is responsible for making sure our customers receive the quality service we are proud to provide, all while adding fun and enthusiasm to our team!

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FEMA News page

Safety Products You Can Rely On

Some projects require specific safety requirements, and United Enertech is proud to be your source for FEMA rated grilles which are designed to protect exterior wall openings against severe circumstances on FEMA 320 or 361 compliant safe rooms and storm shelters.

Contact us for more information.

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Webinar Register Now News

Life Safety Products Webinar

Join us for the first webinar in our series on November 11. Thanks to your input, we'll have an informative presentation and discussion on Life Safety Products hosted by United Enertech. Learn more about these important products that help keep building occupants safe.

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Data Centers image

Data Center Solutions

Are you experiencing data center challenges relating to utility costs and HVAC maintenance?

Data centers are a key resource for many businesses today, providing a way for companies to shift the high energy demand and technical maintenance required for data equipment to another location. And while providing many benefits, data centers also face challenges related to utility costs and HVAC maintenance.

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Lead Times Rushes Sep 2021 News

Lead Times and Rush Availability Updates

Are you worried about project delays due to material shortages and manufacturing lead times? If so - we can help! With a 4-5 week lead time across the majority of our product categories, your projects can continue to run on schedule! And if you need products even faster, we also offer rush options.

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Rectangular Dampers Aug 2021

Airflow Control: Rectangular Dampers from United Enertech

United Enertech offers a broad range of dampers for your airflow control needs and applications, from data centers to residential settings. Whether your goal is thermal efficiency or eliminating air leakage, our rectangular dampers will meet your needs.

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Remote Control Dampers 2021

Regulate Airflow with Ease Using Remote Control Dampers

United Enertech offers remote control systems to fit your airflow control needs in a variety of environments. Developed as an alternative to manual cable remote systems, they add an extra level of flexibility and convenience when controlling airflow within a space.

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TB 155 July 13 2021

TB-155 Thermally Broken Damper

When thermal efficiency is needed, the TB-155 is the answer. Great for fulfillment and distribution centers as well as data centers, this thermally broken damper is designed to eliminate transfer of high heat or low cold penetration and reduces condensation.

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Distribution Center Louvers

New AFL and CFL Model Redesigns

United Enertech's high performance adjustable louvers (AFL) and high performance combination louver/dampers (CFL) redesigns are available for order. Now, even more competitively priced, these models require less actuators for larger units.

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Hurricane Louver June 15 2021

New Hurricane Louver to Prepare for the Season

United Enertech has a range of Miami-Dade County approved hurricane louvers designed to minimize storm damage to your structure. Our latest product addition is the D-HV-9 Horizontal/Vertical Blade Hurricane Louver.

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UE PRU email June 1 2021

The UV Solution for Commercial Properties

Restaurant and retail settings present unique challenges when it comes to effective disinfection. The UE-PRU Series wasdesigned for use in commercial properties and can offer up to a 99.9% pathogen reduction rate.

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Raw Materials Pricing May 18 2021

Raw Materials Trends and Pricing

Since late summer 2020 and continuing into the first part of 2021, prices for many of the materials we use in our manufacturing have experienced sharp increases. There are steps you can take now to ensure you are limiting your risk.

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Drop Box Diffusers Expanded Manufacturing

Drop Box Diffusers - Expanded Manufacturing

We are excited to announce that we are adding drop box diffusers to our growing list of products that are now being manufactured in Phoenix as well as in Chattanooga to help our west coast customers reduce freight costs and receive these products sooner.

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ACP Building

United Enertech Holdings Acquires Air Conditioning Products Company

UE Holdings, LLC announced it has acquired Air Conditioning Products Company (ACP), a world-class manufacturer of shutters, dampers, louvers, and other products for air movement equipment.

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UE UVC Solutions for IAQ

UVC Solutions for Indoor Air Pollution

Improving indoor air quality (IAQ) is a concern in many building environments, and incorporating UVC technology such as the UE-PRU not only improves IAQ but adds energy efficiency benefits as well!

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Lead Times and Rush Updates April 2021

Lead Times & Rush Updates on Fire/Smoke and Fire Dampers

We are now offering 7 day standard lead times on up to a quantity of (40) Fire/Smoke Dampers and up to (50) Fire Dampers.

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Quick Turn Brake Metal 2021

Quick Turn Brake Metal Projects

With our state-of-the-art machinery including routers, folders, shears and our 10' and 14' press brake, we can supply a variety of architectural metal. Our facilities allow for a wide range of metal material and thicknesses for jobs large and small.

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Distribution Center Projects March 2021

Distribution Center and Warehouse Projects

Whether people are shopping online or in stores, products need to find their way to consumers, keeping warehouses and logistics facilities busy. We have a range of products ideal for these buildings.

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UE Dampers with Industry Leading Lead Times

Dampers with Lead Times that Lead the Industry

Getting products that represent the best in quality, exactly when you need them, can make the difference in driving a project to completion. We’re here to help and are committed to making every project a success.

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