FAQ Fire Dampers v2

FAQs Fire Dampers

We'll be sharing some FAQs throughout the coming months, starting with a common question we hear about the selection of fire dampers. Learn more below and be sure to visit our NEW FAQ page on the website for helpful information.

When do I use a 1.5-hour fire damper, and when do I use a 3-hour fire damper?

The selection of a 1.5-hour fire damper or a 3-hour fire damper depends on the specific fire protection requirements of the building and the location of the damper within the HVAC system.

Learn more in our e-newsletter and be sure to visit our FAQ section of the website.

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How Does a Backdraft Damper Work

How Does a Backdraft Damper Work?

Backdraft dampers are often the unsung heroes of HVAC systems that ensure air flows in the way it was intended. If you're involved in HVAC, ventilation, or even home maintenance, understanding the function of a backdraft damper is crucial. Energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and proper HVAC system operation all rely on backdraft dampers doing their part. In this article, we'll delve into the mechanics, applications, and benefits of backdraft dampers.

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FS Sleeve Location Update v2

F/S Sleeve Location Update

We are updating our combination fire smoke damper location in the sleeve.

- Our new standard is that the damper will be set back 8” from the end of the sleeve.

- Standard sleeve length is 16”. (Wall depth up to 5”)

- Any additional sleeve length ordered will be added to the back side of the damper.

- Consult United Enertech for sleeve lengths for units with smoke detectors.

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August 2023 webinar

September 2023 Webinar

Join us for our September webinar!

United Enertech Competitive Finishes for All Your Project Needs

In this webinar, learn how our finishes can help provide protection and match the aesthetics of your next project. We’ll discuss our 2604 liquid/2604 powder coating, which offers a cost-effective option with enduring performance, and our 2605 liquid coating, ideal for projects located near the coast, providing peace of mind in harsh environments.

Read more in our e-newsletter and register!

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Darrell Paris v1

Meet the Team - Darrell Paris

Meet the team, Darrell Paris, Inside Sales Account Manager.

"At United Enertech, we work together as a team, helping each other be successful."

Get to know Darrell!

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Drainable vs non drainable louver 1

Drainable vs. Non Drainable Louvers: The Main Differences

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to selecting the perfect louver for your application. Different scenarios require different types of louvers, each with their own unique features and benefits. This article will delve into the main differences between drainable and non-drainable louvers, two of the most commonly used types in the industry. Knowing the differences is the first step in determining the right type of louver for your application.

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Sigmund y Zm HFF g W0 unsplash

Understanding Volume Dampers and Their Critical Usefulness

Buildings are not comfortable when they are too warm or too cold. Consistent, comfortable temperatures can keep occupants happy, but achieving those conditions is not always an easy task. Getting the temperature just right throughout the building requires careful balancing of the airflow as it spreads through the ductwork. When balancing is done well, hot spots and cold spots are minimized and the HVAC system operates as designed.

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Pascal meier 1u VCTV Sn 2o unsplash

Fire Dampers vs Smoke Dampers: What Are the Differences?

Fire dampers and smoke dampers share many commonalities, most importantly their critical roles in keeping buildings and their occupants safe in the case of fire. Both types of dampers are commonplace in commercial and industrial HVAC systems. While fire and smoke dampers can appear to be quite similar, they do have key differences and are used in slightly different applications. Choosing the right damper is critical to fire and smoke control systems operating properly.

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Distribution Facilities

Manage Airflow and Reduce Costs

Warehouse and distribution facilities present unique challenges, including high ceilings with large open spaces and significant energy costs related to maintaining the building.

Effectively managing airflow impacts utility costs and United Enertech's Drop Box Diffuser/Plenums provide a single point air distribution system with the added benefit of allowing directional airflow. Our diffusers help provide even and efficient air distribution, which contributes to having more consistent temperatures in large spaces such as warehouses and distribution centers.

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Billy Mc Curry v1

Meet The Team - Billy McCurry

Meet Billy McCurry, Paint Department Supervisor.

"My favorite things about working at United Enertech are the challenges of the work and the friendships I've made with other team members."

Get to know Billy!

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UE Custom Color Matching v1

Elevate Your Building's Aesthetics with Custom Color Matching from United Enertech!

United Enertech is always striving to push the boundaries of innovation, and today, we're excited to showcase our color matching offering. Elevate the visual appeal of your building while ensuring optimal ventilation and airflow control with our seamless integration of function and aesthetics.

What is Custom Color Matching?

Custom color matching is a specialized process wherein we create louvers and dampers in specific colors that perfectly complement the design and color palette of your project.

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Fire Smoke Dampersfrom UE

Life Safety Products: Fire/Smoke Dampers

Combination Fire/Smoke dampers are low leak damper and actuator assemblies that have passed the UL555 and UL555S test requirements.

United Enertech offers a range of fire/smoke dampers to address a variety of applications and requirements, including our two featured models, which are also part of our Top 25.

Need fire/smoke dampers in a hurry?

We now have rush availability on these products! Contact us for details and timing for your specific needs.

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UE July Email Banner

Popular Products - UE Manufacturing

Product Highlight: Precision/Flow Regulators

Model CR

The CR damper is a device that responds automatically to duct pressure changes to regulate airflow in supply or exhaust applications. The damper adjusts the amount of free area thereby controlling constant velocity and airflow.

Have questions on our popular products or others? We're here to help! Contact us (423) 698-7715.

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UE Popular Products on Home Page

New Top 25 Products

We've added a Popular Products section to our home page. There, we'll feature different products throughout the year that are timely, for easy browsing.

In addition, we've added to our Top 20 products and now have a Top 25 to share! We know having go-to products for specific applications makes it easy, and we want to be your source for louvers, dampers, curbs, access doors, and more. Visit our Resources page to view the new Top 25 Products brochure.

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Fire Damper Installation: Key Considerations and Installation Techniques

Fire dampers are critical components in buildings, specifically in HVAC systems, that work to keep the buildings safe in case of a fire. They protect people and buildings from the effects of fire by preventing the spread of smoke, fire gasses, heat, and even flames, throughout the area served by the duct system.

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UE Hurricane Louver Email June 2023

United Enertech is Your Source for Hurricane Louvers

At United Enertech, we offer a range of Miami-Dade County approved hurricane louvers designed to minimize storm damage to structures. These louvers meet hurricane design criteria and meet Miami-Dade Test Standards and Florida Building Code Test Standards.

Our team is here to help answer questions so you can specify the best louver options for your project. Contact us to learn more!

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Fire Damper Inspection: A Comprehensive Guide to Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Fire dampers play a critical role in the fire safety and functionality of HVAC systems in various building types, including hospitals, dormitories, and commercial establishments. Fire dampers are UL555 classified for installation in fire-rated walls, partitions and masonry/concrete floors.

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Benito Garagan v3

Meet the Team - Benito Garagan

Meet Benito Garagan, Production Supervisor.

"I really enjoy working in production, overcoming its challenges, and making products better than our competition."

Get to know Benito

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Distribution Facilities

Manage Airflow for Comfort and Costs

High ceilings with large open spaces, large exterior doors that create an opportunity for exposure to weather conditions, and energy costs to maintain large buildings are all factors in determining the best solutions for ventilation and air movement within the varied spaces.

Keep Employees Comfortable

United Enertech dampers are designed to keep working environments comfortable for employees so they can stay productive and also to regulate the temperature to maintain product quality.

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Image1 2023 07 11 181344 uttl

The Key to Airflow Control: A Dive into Various Types of HVAC Dampers

In the world of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, ensuring optimal airflow is critical. Without airflow being balanced, different rooms or areas in a distribution system will receive too much or too little airflow. Unbalanced airflow leads to areas that are too hot or too cold and leaves occupants uncomfortable. When a crisis occurs, stopping airflow is also critical to slowing down fires and saving lives.

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Monica Hooper v2

Meet The Team - Monica Hooper

Meet Monica Hooper, Louver Supervisor.

"My favorite part of working at United Enertech is how our team of supervisors all get along and work so well with each other."

Get to know Monica!

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Image1 2023 07 11 181348 neqs

What Are Louvers? Demystifying Their Function and Benefits

Louvers are a critical component of a building’s airflow management. Among the numerous mechanical and architectural devices available, louvers stand out due to their simple design and significant benefits. Louvers are reliable and effective, but you may be wondering, what is a louver? Let's dive deeper into how louvers work and explore their various types, what they are made of, their applications, and purposes.

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Product Bulletin May 2023

New CB-600/601 Actuator Kits

The Belimo TFB series actuator kit is now available. Order factory mounted or ship loose actuator kits for field mounting. Contact us for for more information.

Also, watch our webinar recording about actuators for louvers and dampers. Learn more about United Enertech's range of products, actuator sizing, and specific applications. This webinar recording includes information about actuator types including electric, pneumatic, and industrial.

Visit the Resources page on our website to view this video and others.

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Top view of the building under construction and the surrounding area

Want to learn more about how UE researches and develops products?

Offering quality products doesn't matter if you can't get them to your customers on time. That's why we are working hard to ensure we offer quality products with the best lead times and rush availability in the industry.

NEW Video: United Enertech Product Research and Development

If you'd like to learn more about how United Enertech researches and develops products, watch our new video.

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Matt Caissie

Meet the Team Matt Caissie

Meet Matt Caissie, Industrial/Curbs Supervisor.

"My favorite part of working at United Enertech is how steady the work has always been and the people I work with."

Get to know Matt!

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Webinar hero final

United Enertech: 2023 Webinar Series

If you weren't able to join our March webinar last week, please visit the Resources Page on our website to view the recording.

Our first webinar of 2023 provided an overview of Air Performance LLC, the architectural metal products arm of United Enertech Holdings. From the company's state-of-the-art equipment and project-specific extrusions to the advantages of having an experienced team, all under one roof – Air Performance is focused on quality, reliability, flexibility, and responsiveness.

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UE March Newsletter

United Enertech: Helping You Get the Job Done

Whether you need products for multi-family projects, data centers, warehouses, generator enclosures, or other applications, we offer excellent products at competitive prices with the best lead times in the industry!

Our top 20 products include louvers, dampers, and life safety damper products. Learn more about two of our top 20 products, and view our complete list of top 20 on our resources page on the website.

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Tanner Jenkins v2

Meet the Team Tanner Jenkins

Meet Tanner Jenkins, Design Engineer.

"My favorite parts of working at United Enertech are the accountability and the people willing to help you with whatever you need."

Get to know Tanner!

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UE manufacturing benefits

Capacity and Lead Times - The Numbers You Need to Know

Why buy from United Enertech vs. the competition?

We know there are lots of choices available in the market, and from our lead times to our capacity, we want you to know how we are helping our customers get the job done.

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UE post AHR 2023 v2

AHR Expo - Thanks to All!

Thanks to all who visited our booth at AHR Expo! We were pleased to once again exhibit with all of the United Enertech Holdings family of brands. It was a great show, and we appreciated the opportunity to meet and talk with so many from our industry.

If you didn't have a chance to stop by, please contact us if you'd like information about the products we featured in our booth, or if you'd like to learn more about the other companies within the UEH family of brands.

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Joe Kissack feature v3

Meet the Team Joe Kissack

Meet Joe Kissack, Inside Sales Account Manager.

"The people at United Enertech are fantastic. They are my favorite part of working here."

Get to know Joe!

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UEH Benroth News page feature

United Enertech Holdings Names Darby Benroth as President

United Enertech Holdings is pleased to announce Darby Benroth as its new president, effective January 1, 2023.

In his role as president, Benroth will lead the five manufacturing companies that make up the United Enertech Holdings family of brands. These include Air Conditioning Products, Air Performance, Metal Form Manufacturing, Evergreen UV, and United Enertech.

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UE Logo Banner 2023

Darby Benroth Joins United Enertech Holdings

As you may know, United Enertech is part of a family of brands under United Enertech Holdings. Today, we are pleased to welcome the new President of United Enertech Holdings, Darby Benroth.

In his new role, Darby will lead the five manufacturing companies that make up the United Enertech Holdings family of brands including Air Conditioning Products, Air Performance, Lumalier, Metal Form Manufacturing, and United Enertech.

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Compare and contrast

Which is the right louver for your project?

FL-D series or D-HFA series?

United Enertech’s FL-D and D-HFA series fixed louvers offer high-performance and protection from water intrusion for openings in the exterior walls of buildings. And while both have some similar benefits, choosing the correct sized louver for your application can ensure you have the right protection and the right-priced product.

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Jessica Layne feature v2

Meet The Team Jessica Layne

Meet Jessica Layne, United Enertech Customer Service Specialist.

"I enjoy being part of the United Enertech family because we work so well together and build each other up. Even on hard days, there is positivity and encouragement."

Get to know Jessica!

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UE Top 5 of 2022

United Enertech's Top 5 Products of 2022

From the best movies and must-read books to favorite tv shows and songs, the top lists are out for 2022. As we kick off 2023, we didn't want to miss this opportunity to share our top five products based on the expert opinions of our customers (aka - you!)

No doubt, these products were selected because they offer competitive performance, a five-year warranty, options for custom paint matching, and lead times that are the best in our industry.

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FS 3 V I hero News

Today's Motorized Life Safety Damper Reliability

by Kent Maune, Sr. Product Manager and Western Regional Sales Manager at United Enertech

Motorized fire, smoke, and combination fire/smoke dampers and their testing requirements have come a long way since their release in the 1970’s.

Initially, these were standard commercial control dampers with blade locks to hold them closed. They were UL tested to the third edition of UL 555, Standards for Fire Dampers, and the first edition of UL 555S, Standard for Smoke Dampers.

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Taylor Crowe feature v1

Meet the Team Taylor Crowe

Meet Taylor Crowe, United Enertech Inside Sales Account Manager.

"I enjoy the people I work with each day and value the relationships I have made as part of the United Enertech team!"

Get to know Taylor!

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UE Tour Collage

Join Us for a Virtual Tour!

United Enertech Manufacturing: Chattanooga, TN

Since 1988, United Enertech has been designing, developing, and manufacturing air movement and control products that offer innovation, reliability, and excellent lead times.

With manufacturing based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, our 185,000 square foot facility is the home of production of louvers, including Miami-Dade approved hurricane louvers, UL listed dampers, FEMA grilles, ventilators, and more.

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Hunter Fugatt feature v1

Meet the Team Hunter Fugatt

Meet Hunter Fugatt, United Enertech Production Manager.

"My favorite part of working at United Enertech is the people. I feel lucky that I enjoy the people I work with."

Get to know Hunter

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Nov webinar hero v5

November 2022 Webinar

United Enertech Holdings Serving Today’s HVAC and Architectural Industries Through Five Companies

In this webinar, learn more about these companies – from state-of-the-art equipment to innovative engineering – and how we are setting the standards for the highest quality products and working with customers on addressing big topics like decarbonization, ventilation, indoor air quality (IAQ), and energy efficiency.

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Control Dampers social

Best in Class Control Dampers

United Enertech's control dampers serve many purposes, including directing airflow to a specific part of a building or mixing hot and cold air streams for air conditioning. Our dampers also have extremely low leakage, which helps to reduce utility costs, an important benefit for all types of facilities!

We continually innovate and look for opportunities to enhance the performance or provide additional benefits for our products. Our recently redesigned CD-100 and CD-101 have a new blade design that includes several improvements.

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Kent Maune feature v4

Meet the Team Kent Maune

Meet Kent Maune, United Enertech Senior Product Manager and Western Regional Sales Manager.

"I enjoy interacting with customers, whether it's positive feedback or constructive criticism. This could be product, literature, and website assessments and requests, or training needs, and even a quick hello."

Get to know Kent!

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Oct 2022 webinar News

Webinar Custom Product Options and Design

This webinar discusses details about the design process, options for customization, and the technical resources that allow us to be flexible. Also, learn more about our streamlined process to fulfill your custom order – from engineering to delivery, it’s all about responsiveness, quality, and a great customer experience.

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Product Comparison Guide News

How does United Enertech stack up against the competition?

We're proud of how our products stack up against the competition.

Not only are many of our products Best in Class, they are products with excellent lead times and many have rush options available. Quality manufacturing, reliable timing, and a team committed to service excellence is what you can expect from United Enertech!

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Vasili Doan feature v1

Meet the Team Vasili Doan

Meet Vasili Doan, United Enertech Design Engineer.

“My favorite aspect of working at United Enertech is the customer-focused work environment. I can fully count on interdepartmental support any time I need it, knowing our end goal is to send a higher quality product out the door.”

Get to Know Vasili!

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AHR Expo 2023 UE booth

AHR Expo

Are you attending the HVACR industry's premier event? Please plan to stop by our booth. We look forward to seeing you there!

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New Louver Products News update

Webinar - New Louver Products and Their Applications

United Enertech continually innovates, bringing both new and improved products to market. Our September 2022 webinar includes a review of our newest louver products and the applications where they can make a difference. Hosted by Cody Schultz, Outside Sales Manager, and Curtis Jackson, Engineering Manager.

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D HFA louvers News

Louvers You Can Trust

High Performance Louvers Developed with Engineering Expertise

Protect your structures with confidence when you source fixed louvers from United Enertech for your next project. Designed with engineering expertise, our D-HFA louvers have a high free area and solid water penetration performance, making them a great choice for a wide range of ventilation applications.

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Craig Yaeger feature v1

Meet the Team Craig Yaeger

Meet Craig Yaeger, United Enertech Regional Sales Manager.

Craig recently joined the United Enertech team and brings 33 years of HVAC industry experience to his role.

Get to know Craig!

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Why UE social news

Why Choose UE?

We've Got You Covered! Quality Construction. Competitive Prices. Industry-Best Lead Times.

United Enertech designs, develops, and manufactures air movement and control products that offer innovation, reliability, and fast turnaround. Our team is focused on meeting our customers’ needs for quality and speed while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to custom specifications.

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Hurricane Season hero News

Your Source for Hurricane Louvers

Why Specify United Enertech Hurricane Louvers?

At United Enertech, we have years of expertise in the design and manufacturing of products for areas prone to hurricanes and severe weather. We offer a range of Miami-Dade County approved hurricane louvers designed to minimize storm damage to your structure.

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James Degges feature v1

Meet the Team James Degges

Meet James Degges, United Enertech Inside Sales Manager.

“My favorite part of working at United Enertech is the team I interact with every day - we have a great crew here!”

Get to know James!

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Dropbox Diff social

Our Drop Box Diffusers Offer Quality and Convenience

United Enertech’s DPD is a drop diffuser plenum that offers drum louvers as diffusers. This model ranges from 2,000 to 80,000 cfm with the ability to customize up to 100,000 cfm. It is available in mill finish or white powder coat, which is a popular choice for large distribution and data center projects.

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Rush Louvers News

Need Louvers in a Rush?

We Say YES to Rush Louvers!

United Enertech leads the industry with our standard lead time of 6-7 weeks on most of our Aluminum Louver products, and we also have rush availability! We're working hard so we can be your number one source for louvers.

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UV Solutions News update

Webinar - UV Solutions: Applications and Benefits

Germicidal UVC has come to the forefront as a solution for improving indoor air quality (IAQ) and mitigating the spread of airborne pathogens like influenza and COVID-19. Contact us to learn more about UVC applications, indoor air quality, and cost and energy efficiency benefits.

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Blake Berry v2

Meet the Team - Blake Berry

Meet Blake Berry, United Enertech Production Manager.

“I genuinely enjoy the dynamic opportunities that come with custom manufacturing. It’s always a welcome challenge and keeps every day interesting.”

Get to know Blake!

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Data Distribution Centers News update

Applications for Data Centers and Distribution Centers Webinar

Data Centers and Distribution Centers are key resources for many businesses. This webinar discusses the unique building characteristics of Data Centers and Distribution Centers when addressing ventilation, air movement, indoor air quality (IAQ), humidity control, and heating and cooling.

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Data Centers image

Planning for a Data Center project?

Lower your data center power consumption and HVAC maintenance with our solutions for Data Centers - control the airflow into the Data Center to assist in keeping equipment cool, protect the outside opening in a building's exterior walls, and provide improved energy efficiency.

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K 12 and Universities social

K-12 School and University Projects

Summer is Coming Soon!

United Enertech offers a broad range of solutions for all types of educational facility applications. From UV germicidal irradiation (UVGI) for improving indoor air quality (IAQ) to louvers and dampers ideal for use with generator enclosures, we're your source for air control and air disinfection products.

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Cutris Jackson feature v2

Meet The Team - Curtis Jackson

Meet Curtis Jackson, United Enertech Engineering Manager.

“The challenge of developing and testing new products keeps me motivated. I also enjoy working as a part of a talented and dedicated team.”

Get to know Curtis!

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Pricing Program News update

Pricing Program Tool Webinar

In our April 21 webinar, we walked through how to use the United Enertech Pricing Program tool. This helpful online tool can save you time when quoting a project. It's easy to use, and even if you've used the Pricing Program for years, we have tips you may find helpful!

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Adam Mc Dowell feature v2

Meet the Team - Adam McDowell

Meet Adam McDowell, United Enertech General Manager.

“I enjoy the family atmosphere and team-focused culture we have at United Enertech.”

Get to know Adam!

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Actuators News update

Actuators for Louvers and Dampers Webinar

In this webinar, we discuss our range of products, actuator sizing, and specific applications.

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Distribution Center Brochure Cover Image

Ventilation Systems for Unique Environments

High ceilings with large open spaces, large exterior doors that create an opportunity for exposure to weather conditions, and energy costs to maintain large buildings are all factors in determining the best solutions for ventilation and air movement within warehouses and distribution centers. We have damper and louver solutions.

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Post AHR hero v2 News page

AHR Expo 2022 Highlights

It was great to meet with so many people face to face during AHR Expo – and we enjoyed having some time off the show floor at our happy hour event Monday evening. AHR Expo 2022 was also our first time to exhibit with all of the United Enertech Family of Brands!

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Cody Schultz feature v1

Meet the Team - Cody Schultz

Meet Cody Schultz, United Enertech Sales Manager.

“I truly feel like our customers throughout the country are our partners, and it makes all the difference on every project!”

Get to know Cody!

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Louvers 2 Webinar News update

Louvers - Part Two Webinar

In this webinar, learn more about United Enertech's range of Extreme Weather Louvers, Blast Louvers, and FEMA Grilles and their applications.

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Generator Enclosures News

When Maintaining Power is Critical

Generator enclosures are often used to protect generators at hospitals, data centers, schools, and other places where a loss of power could have damaging consequences. United Enertech offers a range of louvers and dampers ideal for use with generator enclosures including wind-driven rain and hurricane louvers.

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All About Louvers News update

All About Louvers Webinar

In this webinar, learn more about the broad range of United Enertech louver products and their applications. From acoustical louvers to wind-driven rain louvers, we have helpful information to share and discuss.

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New Portable Disinfection Unit

Lumalier, part of the United Enertech family of brands, recently launched the EDU-C, emergency disinfection unit. For use in unoccupied areas, this unit disinfects without the use of chemicals and is ideal for difficult-to-disinfect surfaces.

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New UV Product! UE-ADPL-S

The UE-ADPL-S is an ultraviolet light system specifically designed to be mounted into new or existing ductwork as a stand-alone unit or in conjunction with a control or manual volume damper. This model is ideal for light commercial applications like banks, restaurants, and small shopping centers.

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Laura Gregg feature

Meet The Team

Meet Laura Gregg, United Enertech Customer Care Manager. Laura is responsible for making sure our customers receive the quality service we are proud to provide, all while adding fun and enthusiasm to our team!

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FEMA News page

Safety Products You Can Rely On

Some projects require specific safety requirements, and United Enertech is proud to be your source for FEMA rated grilles which are designed to protect exterior wall openings against severe circumstances on FEMA 320 or 361 compliant safe rooms and storm shelters.

Contact us for more information.

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Webinar Register Now News

Life Safety Products Webinar

Join us for the first webinar in our series on November 11. Thanks to your input, we'll have an informative presentation and discussion on Life Safety Products hosted by United Enertech. Learn more about these important products that help keep building occupants safe.

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Data Centers image

Data Center Solutions

Are you experiencing data center challenges relating to utility costs and HVAC maintenance?

Data centers are a key resource for many businesses today, providing a way for companies to shift the high energy demand and technical maintenance required for data equipment to another location. And while providing many benefits, data centers also face challenges related to utility costs and HVAC maintenance.

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Rectangular Dampers Aug 2021

Airflow Control: Rectangular Dampers from United Enertech

United Enertech offers a broad range of dampers for your airflow control needs and applications, from data centers to residential settings. Whether your goal is thermal efficiency or eliminating air leakage, our rectangular dampers will meet your needs.

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Remote Control Dampers 2021

Regulate Airflow with Ease Using Remote Control Dampers

United Enertech offers remote control systems to fit your airflow control needs in a variety of environments. Developed as an alternative to manual cable remote systems, they add an extra level of flexibility and convenience when controlling airflow within a space.

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TB 155 July 13 2021

TB-155 Thermally Broken Damper

When thermal efficiency is needed, the TB-155 is the answer. Great for fulfillment and distribution centers as well as data centers, this thermally broken damper is designed to eliminate transfer of high heat or low cold penetration and reduces condensation.

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Distribution Center Louvers

New AFL and CFL Model Redesigns

United Enertech's high performance adjustable louvers (AFL) and high performance combination louver/dampers (CFL) redesigns are available for order. Now, even more competitively priced, these models require less actuators for larger units.

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Hurricane Louver June 15 2021

New Hurricane Louver to Prepare for the Season

United Enertech has a range of Miami-Dade County approved hurricane louvers designed to minimize storm damage to your structure. Our latest product addition is the D-HV-9 Horizontal/Vertical Blade Hurricane Louver.

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UE PRU email June 1 2021

The UV Solution for Commercial Properties

Restaurant and retail settings present unique challenges when it comes to effective disinfection. The UE-PRU Series wasdesigned for use in commercial properties and can offer up to a 99.9% pathogen reduction rate.

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Raw Materials Pricing May 18 2021

Raw Materials Trends and Pricing

Since late summer 2020 and continuing into the first part of 2021, prices for many of the materials we use in our manufacturing have experienced sharp increases. There are steps you can take now to ensure you are limiting your risk.

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Drop Box Diffusers Expanded Manufacturing

Drop Box Diffusers - Expanded Manufacturing

We are excited to announce that we are adding drop box diffusers to our growing list of products that are now being manufactured in Phoenix as well as in Chattanooga to help our west coast customers reduce freight costs and receive these products sooner.

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ACP Building

United Enertech Holdings Acquires Air Conditioning Products Company

UE Holdings, LLC announced it has acquired Air Conditioning Products Company (ACP), a world-class manufacturer of shutters, dampers, louvers, and other products for air movement equipment.

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UE UVC Solutions for IAQ

UVC Solutions for Indoor Air Pollution

Improving indoor air quality (IAQ) is a concern in many building environments, and incorporating UVC technology such as the UE-PRU not only improves IAQ but adds energy efficiency benefits as well!

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Quick Turn Brake Metal 2021

Quick Turn Brake Metal Projects

With our state-of-the-art machinery including routers, folders, shears and our 10' and 14' press brake, we can supply a variety of architectural metal. Our facilities allow for a wide range of metal material and thicknesses for jobs large and small.

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Distribution Center Projects March 2021

Distribution Center and Warehouse Projects

Whether people are shopping online or in stores, products need to find their way to consumers, keeping warehouses and logistics facilities busy. We have a range of products ideal for these buildings.

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UE Dampers with Industry Leading Lead Times

Dampers with Lead Times that Lead the Industry

Getting products that represent the best in quality, exactly when you need them, can make the difference in driving a project to completion. We’re here to help and are committed to making every project a success.

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