UE Top 5 of 2022

United Enertech's Top 5 Products of 2022

From the best movies and must-read books to favorite tv shows and songs, the top lists are out for 2022. As we kick off 2023, we didn't want to miss this opportunity to share our top five products based on the expert opinions of our customers (aka - you!)

No doubt, these products were selected because they offer competitive performance, a five-year warranty, options for custom paint matching, and lead times that are the best in our industry.

WDV-130 Best In Class

Take a look at our list and see which ones will make it into your 2023 favorites, and if you want to see more of our best-selling products, check out our Top 20 brochure on our Resources page, and please contact us if we can answer any questions!

Model D-HFA-6

High-Performance 6" Fixed Louver


Resists water intrusion while providing an extremely high free area and low pressure drop.

  • 60% Free Area
  • 915 FPM Max Velocity
  • 0.18" w.g. at 1000 fpm


Hurricane Rated Louver

Best in Class: 50 MPH Wind-Driven Rain Classification/ Core Velocity (fpm)

WDV-130 Best In Class
  • 5” deep
  • AMCA 540 (Enhanced) & 550 Listed
  • Miami-Dade County, FL Notice of Acceptance
  • Florida Building Code Product Approval


Rectangular Control Damper

Best in Class -

Max. Velocity, Max. Pressure, and Leakage

CD-100 Best In Class
  • Class 1A leakage
  • 2,600 fpm max velocity
  • 3" w.g. max pressure
  • Licensed to bear the Certaire Certified Air Ratings Seal
  • Offers some of the best pricing in the industry


Combination Fire / Smoke Damper

  • 3V fire/smoke damper
  • UL 555S and ULC S112.1 Listed Class I Leakage
  • UL classified and tested per UL 555 & 555S
  • 108" x 96" Max Vertical Size
  • 144" x 96" Max Horizontal Size


The F/S-RD-I series Combination Fire/Smoke Dampers have been designed and tested to exceed all UL, UCL, and N.F.P.A. requirements for fire dampers as well as smoke dampers.

  • True round combination fire/smoke damper
  • UL 555 and ULC S112 listed and labeled as a 1-1/2 hour fire damper
  • UL and ULC listed for vertical and horizontal mountings
  • UL 555S / ULC S112.1 listed and labeled as a Leakage Class I rated smoke damper with airflow in both directions

AHR Expo 2023

AHR Expo 2023 Banner

We're looking forward to AHR Expo 2023 taking place in Atlanta in February. We'll be exhibiting along with all of the United Enertech Family of Brands in booth B1860. Watch for more details to come, and be sure to check our AHR Expo page on our website for updates as we get closer to the event!

UEH Family of Brands

January 10, 2023