UE March Newsletter

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Whether you need products for multi-family projects, data centers, warehouses, generator enclosures, or other applications, we offer excellent products at competitive prices with the best lead times in the industry!

Our top 20 products include louvers, dampers, and life safety damper products. Learn more about two of our top 20 products, and view our complete list of top 20 on our resources page on the website.

Looking for architectural metal products?

2023 Webinar Series

We're pleased to kick off our 2023 webinar series this month with a presentation from Air Performance LLC. Air Performance is also part of United Enertech Holdings and specializes in architectural exterior metal products. Learn about their expertise, range of products, and how our companies work together to take great care of our customers! See registration information below.

Top 20 Product Features


Manual balancing damper, heavy duty 16 ga. blade

  • Opposed blade
  • Steel construction
  • 3,500 FPM max velocity
  • 4" WG max pressure


Combination fire/smoke damper

  • 3V fire/smoke damper
  • Class 1 leakage
  • UL classified and tested per UL 555 and 555S

March 2023 Free Webinar:

Air Performance LLC – Architectural Exterior Metal Products

UE March 2023 Webinar

As the architectural metal products arm of United Enertech Holdings, Air Performance LLC specializes in the design and manufacture of architectural louvers, sunshades, brake metal, and other specialized products.

In this webinar, learn more about the company’s products and what sets Air Performance apart from the competition. From its state-of-the-art equipment and project-specific extrusions to the advantages of having an experienced team, all under one roof – Air Performance is focused on quality, reliability, flexibility, and responsiveness.

In case you missed this webinar, the recording can be viewed in the Resources section of our website.

March 14, 2023