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CEL-D-6 Combination Louver/Damper

Available in December - United Enertech's new CEL-D-6 has 49% free area, providing an even higher free area option to add to our current combination louver/damper offering - the CFL-D-6, which has 47% free area, and our CFL-D-4, which has 46% free area.

The addition of this new model provides another competitive option to our louver/damper product line. The CEL-D-6 is ideal for applications such as warehouses and distribution centers, where using a combination louver/damper provides ventilation while also protecting against water intrusion.


High Performance Combination Louver/Damper

  • 6" Deep
  • 49% Free Area
  • 1079 fpm Beginning Point of Water Penetration
  • Licensed to Bear the AMCA Seal for Water Penetration and Air Performance

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November 28, 2023