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New Top 25 Products

New Top 25 Products

Popular Products: New Website Feature

We've added a Popular Products section to our home page. There, we'll feature different products throughout the year that are timely, for easy browsing.

In addition, we've added to our Top 20 products and now have a Top 25 to share! We know having go-to products for specific applications makes it easy, and we want to be your source for louvers, dampers, curbs, access doors, and more. Visit our Resources page to view the new Top 25 Products brochure.

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Top 25 Product Features

DPD Drum Louver Drop Diffuser/Plenums

DPD Drum Louver Drop Diffuser/Plenums
  • Double Deflection Grilles
  • 1" Ultra Lite Duct Liner
  • Optional Powder Coated
  • Optional Higher Velocities


  • 4" Deep Drainable Louvered Penthouse
  • AMCA Certified Louvers
  • Less than .01 oz/sq. ft. water @ 1250 FPM
  • Free Area Above 50%

June 20, 2023