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New D-HPL-6 High-Performance Louver

Top Tier Performance

We are pleased to introduce a new high-performance fixed louver, the D-HPL-6. This model has >60% free area AND 1250 fpm water penetration, offering top-tier performance in both categories. This model also offers very competitive pricing and is available to order now!

Fixed Louvers for Consistent Ventilation

Fixed louvers are commonly seen in applications that require intake and exhaust ventilation and are often used in industrial settings or areas of a building where consistent ventilation is crucial. Aesthetically, fixed blade louvers provide fixed sight lines to a building’s facade, and for many architects, this is an important aspect when selecting louvers.

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High-Performance Fixed Louver

>60% free area

Max single section: 84"w x 120"h or 120" w x 84"h

Beginning point of water penetration: 1250 fpm

Licensed to bear the AMCA seal for air performance and water penetration ratings


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Inventory Dates: June 2024

Note: We will be closed for inventory on June 27 and 28. Please contact us if you have any questions (423) 698-7715.