EFL and FS Sleeve Length

New EFL and F/S Sleeve Lengths

Red Button EFL and DTO/R Assembly - Available in January

The new Red Button EFL and DTO/R assembly is releasing in January 2024. The new EFL and DTO/R has the factory installed Momentary Test Switch (MTS) standard, rather than as an optional component.

Red Button EFL

With the MTS built-in on all EFL and DTO/R, this allows for easy field cycling and testing that is required by the International Fire Code (IFC) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

EFL and FS Sleeve Lengths

With the new EFL and DTO/R, our F/S Sleeve Lengths standard length is changing to 20” long. 16” long sleeves are still available to order in the pricing program, however you'll be required to manually change the length from 20” to 16”.

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January 11, 2024