TB 155 July 13 2021

TB-155 Thermally Broken Damper

The TB-155: Featuring United Enertech Engineering & Manufacturing, and Arctic Insulator Technology

When thermal efficiency is needed, the TB-155 is the answer. Great for fulfillment and distribution centers as well as data centers, this thermally broken damper is designed to eliminate transfer of high heat or low cold penetration and reduces condensation.

  • Constructed with heavy duty double-skin extruded aluminum blade.
  • Manufactured with aluminum and corrosion resistant zinc plated steel linkage.
  • Licensed to bear the AMCA Seal, which applies to air performance and air leakage ratings.

Read about the TB-155's IECC compliance and more.

Why is the TB-155 the Highest Performing Damper in the Industry?

Here’s how the TB-155 compares against the top competitive products in the industry.

TB-155 chart
TB-155 feature

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July 13, 2021