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United Enertech's New EFL/MTS

NEW Electronic Fuse Link (EFL) / Momentary Test Switch (MTS)

As a leading manufacturer of life safety dampers, United Enertech is diligent about maintaining and updating our products to meet the International Building, Mechanical and Fire Codes (IBC, IMC and IFC) and NFPA standards (NFPA80 and 105). We understand the challenges and importance of testing fire, smoke, and combination fire smoke dampers to ensure our products meet the standards required in the codes.

Introducing Our New EFL/MTS

UnitedEnertech has updated our Electronic Fuse Link (EFL) to include the Momentary Test Switch (MTS). This is not an option, as with some manufacturers. This is United Enertech’s new standard for all of our combination fire smoke dampers and motorized fire dampers.



  • Having the MTS combined with the EFL reduces the time and effort it takes to verify that each damper is working at commissioning and at the test frequencies.
  • Making this combination EFL/MTS a standard life safety component allows contractors to order the F/S dampers standard construction without notes or comments that could potentially be missed by other manufacturers.
  • There is no increase in the damper assembly cost. This update is an upgrade to meet the industry standards.

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January 4, 2024