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Why do drop box diffusers work well in large spaces?

Does your application require long throws?

From sports arenas to industrial facilities, Drop Box Diffusers provide a single point air distribution system with the added benefit of allowing directional airflow. Our drop box diffusers are designed for high-capacity output for applications that require long throws, such as warehouses, sports arenas, large retail facilities, and other buildings with expansive spaces.

United Enertech offers a wide array of drop box diffusers/drop plenum diffusers for the commercial, industrial, and power generation markets, including concentric-supply/return units, 6-way drop diffusers/plenums, rotating plenum diffusers, and heavy-duty industrial diffuser products.

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Product Features


Drum Louver Drop Diffuser/Plenums

  • The DPD is a drop diffuser plenum that offers drum louvers as diffusers.
  • This model can be custom built up to 100,000 cfm
DPD Product


6-Way Drop Diffuser/Plenum

  • The DPD-6 is a drop plenum diffuser with 6 sides that has double deflection drum louvers as diffusers.
  • Standard construction is from G90 galvanized steel and a 1 duct liner.
  • The DPD-6 can be custom built for up to 100,000 cfm.
UE dpd 6