CR Hotels to Hi Rises

Constant Air Volume Regulators: Hotels to High-Rises

Constant Air Volume regulators / CR systems are ideal in single-zone applications where load experiences minimal changes over time, such as in hotels, multi-family buildings, and offices.

How do constant air regulators work?

Constant Air Volume regulators (CR) are HVAC dampers which deliver air at constant airflows at the specified and set volume. Variable Air Volume (VAV) devices supply a variable airflow at a constant temperature.

Ensure Precise Airflow Delivery

By using a damper blade that rises depending on the pressure drop across the device, the airflow passing through is adjusted without the need for any external power supply. Incorporating these regulators in your system, a constant air volume is ensured and so balancing at the end of the project becomes unnecessary.

Product Features

Model CR

Constant Volume Regulator

Adjustable to the desired flow rate

Constant flow in all ranges

Standard / Low / High


6" to 10"

Model CR


Constant Volume Regulator (for exhaust applications)

Galvanized steel box

Rectangular square to round.

Variable box sizes, round collar 4" to 10"

Factory mounted Ceiling Radiation Damper (contact factory for different types)

Factory-preset reference flow rate according to customer specification

CRB 10 E


Exhaust Constant Volume

Sizes 4" to 10" available, box sizes variable or custom

Ceiling and wall mounting

CRB 10 E