What can we expect for the 2024 hurricane season?

NOAA National Weather Service forecasters at the Climate Prediction Center predict above-normal hurricane activity in the Atlantic basin this year. According to a recent article on, "The upcoming Atlantic hurricane season is expected to have above-normal activity due to a confluence of factors, including near-record warm ocean temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean, development of La Nina conditions in the Pacific, reduced Atlantic trade winds and less wind shear, all of which tend to favor tropical storm formation."*

Our team is here to help answer questions so you can specify the best louver options for your projects located in hurricane-prone regions. Contact us to learn more.

Hurricane and Wind-Driven Rain Louvers

Miami-Dade County Approved

At United Enertech, we offer a range of Miami-Dade County approved hurricane louvers designed to minimize storm damage to structures. These louvers meet hurricane design criteria and meet Miami-Dade Test Standards and Florida Building Code Test Standards.

Wind-Driven Rain

Wind-Driven Rain Louvers should be used in areas which are prone to moderate to extreme rain storms as added protection against water intrusion.


Video: Hurricane and Wind-Driven Rain Louver Overview

Featured Products


Miami-Dade Vertical Fixed Blade, Wind-Driven Rain / Hurricane Louver

Product Details

5" Deep

922 FPM Max. Velocity

AMCA 540 (Enhanced) & 550 Listed

Best in Class: 50 MPH Wind-Driven Rain Classification/Core Velocity (fpm)

WDV 130 2


Horizontal/Vertical Blade Wind-Driven Rain Louver

Product Details

Dual Blade 6"

Carries an AMCA 512 Listing for AMCA 550, and AMCA 540, AMCA certification for pressure drop testing

Florida Product Approval

Tested and proven to withstand a maximum wind load of +/- 225 psf (ASTM-E330)

D HV 6 manufacturing


Miami-Dade Drainable Louver

Product Details

6" deep extruded aluminum

922 FPM Max. Velocity

.09 W.G. Pressure Drop

Free Area: 54%

DCFL D 6 6 manufacturing