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Are you experiencing data center challenges relating to utility costs and HVAC maintenance?

Data centers are a key resource for many businesses today, providing a way for companies to shift the high energy demand and technical maintenance required for data equipment to another location. And while providing many benefits, data centers also face challenges related to utility costs and HVAC maintenance.

United Enertech has a range of products, from louvers and dampers to UV Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) solutions, designed to help address these challenges.

Manage Airflow & Reduce Energy Costs

Lower your data center power consumption and HVAC maintenance with our solutions for data centers.

United Enertech dampers are designed to control the airflow into the data center to assist in keeping equipment cool.

Our weather louvers protect the outside opening in a building's exterior walls.

Our UV products installed within the air handler provide continuous improved energy efficiency.

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Data Center Solutions