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Darby Benroth Joins United Enertech Holdings

United Enertech Holdings Welcomes Darby Benroth

New President, United Enertech Holdings

As you may know, United Enertech is part of a family of brands under United Enertech Holdings. Today, we are pleased to welcome the new President of United Enertech Holdings, Darby Benroth.

In his new role, Darby will lead the five manufacturing companies that make up the United Enertech Holdings family of brands including Air Conditioning Products, Air Performance, Lumalier, Metal Form Manufacturing, and United Enertech.

United Enertech Holdings and United Enertech are growing, and the timing is right to bring in a seasoned leader like Darby, who can lead us through our next growth phase and help leverage the capabilities of all our brands.

Darby joins the company from American Warming and Ventilating, a subsidiary of Mestek, where he served in various leadership positions for the past 11 years, and as President since 2014. In addition to his prior leadership experience, Darby brings engineering and sales expertise, having served as National Sales Manager for Mestek for six years, and as an Application Engineer for five years.

Ken Trent has served as our CEO and President since 2016. During the past six years, United Enertech Holdings has rapidly grown through the acquisition of manufacturing locations in Alabama, Arizona, Tennessee, and Michigan. Ken will be helping onboard Darby, and he will remain on the Board of Directors of United Enertech Holdings.

Please join us in welcoming Darby to the team.

Darby Benroth Announcement

January 30, 2023