Distribution Center Projects March 2021

Distribution Center and Warehouse Projects

Need products for your distribution center or warehouse project?

Distribution centers and warehouses continue to grow. Whether people are shopping online or in stores, products need to find their way to consumers, keeping warehouses and logistics facilities busy.

United Enertech has a range of products ideal for these types of buildings. View details on some of our products below.

Product Feature:

  • Products for Warehouses & Distribution Centers
  • Model AFL-D-4 Newly Designed 4" deep adjustable Warehouse Distribution Center Louver
  • Model AFL-D-6 Newly Designed 6" deep adjustable Warehouse Distribution Center Louver
  • Model CFL-D-6 Newly Designed 6" Deep Combination Louver/Damper Highest performing 6" deep combo louver in the industry (AMCA's max beginning point of water penetration of 1250 FPM / 47% free area / .09" w.g. pressure drop at 1,000 FPM Intake)
  • Model FA-157 6" deep Fully Adjustable Louver Blades open a full 90 degrees, to be used in Distribution Centers and Warehouses that require louvers to open fully for smoke evacuation.
  • Model DPD Drop Box Diffuser

Contact us for information on additional products ideal for distribution centers and warehouses.

Product Feature:

PTAC Louvers

United Enertech can assist in dramatically enhancing your project’s exterior with standard or custom size louvers, while providing the correct functionality for your PTAC and VTAC units.


March 16, 2021