UE mfg at MF WCP

Expanded 3V Damper Production

We are pleased to announce that United Enertech has opened our 3V damper production at the UEH Metal Form Manufacturing facility in Phoenix, AZ.

Metal Form Manufacturing is part of the United Enertech Holdings (UEH) family of brands and has over 50 years of experience and proven performance in the design and manufacturing of air control and other products.

Starting March 11, 2024, all new 3V model orders that are shipping to the following states will automatically be scheduled for UE West Coast Production (WCP) at Metal Form:

Models: MD-115/116, CD-110/111, S-3V-I/II, F/S-3V-I/II, and F/S-3V-CR-I/II

States: AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, WA, and WY

Note: If you are shipping an order to one of the states listed above, there is nothing you need to do; however, if you are not shipping to one of the states listed, you also have the option to select WCP.

UE WCP manufacturing at MF

In addition to being a West Coast production location, the facility is also a SMART Blue Label facility. For states that require the Blue Union Label, you now have a manufacturing option for these products, no matter what state you are located in throughout the U.S.

Please Note: Two new selections in the pricing program; West Coast Production Lead Time and Build Location.

WCP Lead Time: Includes UE products built at Metal Form and Metal Form products.

Lead Times Buttons

Build Location (BL): If your order is built at United Enertech, Air Performance, Metal Form Manufacturing, or split between facilities.

Build Location

Video: UE West Coast Production at Metal Form Mfg.

Thanks to our team’s hard work, led by the expertise and project leadership of Kent Maune, Sr. Product Manager and Western Regional Sales Manager, we believe this exciting expansion of our manufacturing capabilities will be beneficial to all of our customers and West Coast projects.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Darby Benroth

President and CEO, United Enertech Holdings

March 11, 2024