Drop Box Diffusers Expanded Manufacturing

Drop Box Diffusers - Expanded Manufacturing

We are excited to announce that we are adding drop box diffusers to our growing list of products that are now being manufactured in Phoenix as well as in Chattanooga.

Our goal with this expanded manufacturing is to help our west coast customers reduce freight costs and receive these products sooner, likely saving 2-3 days on shipping time.

Currently our Phoenix plant is manufacturing 3-V blade control, manual balancing, smoke, and fire smoke dampers, and with the addition of the drop box diffusers, we will now have all of these products available to ship from both locations - helping our customers all across the U.S. to save on freight costs and time.

Product Feature

Drop Box Diffusers / Drop Plenum Diffusers

United Enertech offers a wide array of drop box diffusers/drop plenum diffusers for the commercial, industrial, and power generation markets, including concentric-supply/return units, and 6-way drop diffuser/plenum, rotating plenum diffuser, and heavy duty industrial diffuser products.

UE dpd 6