WDV 75 Email January 2024

Need Louvers for Hurricane Prone Regions?

WDV-75 Wind-driven Rain/Hurricane Louver - AMCA 540 (Basic) & 550 Approved

United Enertech's WDV-75 meets the requirements for hurricane prone regions and wind-borne debris regions. This model exhibits low pressure drop and has excellent wind-driven rain performance.

Where can the WDV-75 be applied?

Specify and use in exterior walls located in areas that are subject to frequent moderate to heavy rain that also require ratings for impact resistance and high velocity wind driven rain.


3" Deep Vertical Blade

  • Miami-Dade County and Florida Building Code compliant
  • Minimum size: 12”w x 12”h
  • Maximum section size: 60”w x 96”h

(unlimited multi-section width x 96”h assemblies)

Video: WDV-75

January 2, 2024