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New Electronic Fuse Link (EFL) and Momentary Test Switch (MTS)

United Enertech Revolutionizes Fire and Smoke Damper Testing with New Electronic Fuse Link (EFL) and Momentary Test Switch (MTS)

Chattanooga, TN (January 17, 2024) – United Enertech, a leading manufacturer of life safety dampers, continues its commitment to excellence by introducing an innovative enhancement to its product line – the Electronic Fuse Link (EFL) now equipped with the Momentary Test Switch (MTS).

This groundbreaking update is poised to redefine the landscape of fire and smoke damper testing, providing a seamless solution to meet the rigorous standards set by the International Building, Mechanical and Fire Codes (IBC, IMC, and IFC) and NFPA standards (NFPA80 and 105).

United Enertech recognizes the challenges faced by industry professionals in testing fire, smoke, and combination fire smoke dampers to ensure compliance with stringent codes. In response to this need, the incorporation of the MTS into the EFL is not merely an option; it is now the new standard across all United Enertech combination fire smoke dampers and motorized fire dampers.

Key Benefits of the EFL/MTS Combination:

  1. Streamlined Testing Process: The integration of the MTS with the EFL significantly reduces the time and effort required to verify the functionality of each damper during commissioning and regular test frequencies. This efficiency ensures that life safety dampers consistently meet and exceed industry standards.
  2. Standard Construction Ordering: Making the EFL/MTS combination a standard life safety component allows contractors to order fire and smoke dampers with confidence, without the need for additional notes or comments. This eliminates the risk of oversight that may occur with other manufacturers, providing peace of mind in the construction process.
  3. No Additional Cost: United Enertech's commitment to enhancing industry standards comes without an increase in damper assembly costs. This update represents a valuable upgrade, ensuring that customers receive cutting-edge technology without compromising their budgetary constraints.

"We are proud to introduce the Electronic Fuse Link with Momentary Test Switch as a standard feature in our life safety dampers," said Adam McDowell, General Manager at United Enertech. "This innovation reflects our dedication to providing reliable and efficient solutions for our customers, contributing to the overall safety and compliance of building systems."

For more information about the Electronic Fuse Link with Momentary Test Switch and other United Enertech products, visit booth S9736 at AHR Expo or visit https://unitedenertech.com/.

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