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Wind-Driven Rain / Sand Louvers

Wind-Driven Rain Louvers should be used in areas which are prone to moderate to extreme rain storms as added protection against water intrusion.

Wind-Driven Sand Louvers provide added protection against sand intrusion.


Dual Blade 6" Wind-driven Rain Louver
Dual Blade 6" Wind-driven Rain Louver

Product Overview

Model D-HV-6 utilizes horizontal front blades and vertical rear blades to provide the ultimate in Wind-driven rain protection. This louver carries an AMCA 512 Listing for AMCA 550, and AMCA 540, AMCA certification for pressure drop testing, as well as a Florida Product Approval. It has also been tested and proven to withstand a maximum wind load of +/- 225 psf (ASTM-E330).

Product Information
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