FAQ Topics

Louver Tools and General

Is there a louver selection tool?

Yes. Select the louver that best fits your requirements from material, blade type, opening size, performance, etc. Click Here

Is there a cross-reference tool?

Yes. Find the United Enertech model by entering the competitor and their model. Click Here

Where do I find United Enertech product warranty?

United Enertech Terms and Conditions of Sale and Product Warranty is highlighted in GREEN on each product models home page on our website.

D-HFA-6 Product Detail with Warranty

What is United Enertech warranty on your louver finishes?

The limited warranty varies upon the finish type. For example, polyester and polyester power has a 7-year warranty, PVDF Fluorocarbon is 10 years, and anodize is 3 to 5 years. Click Here to view details.


  • Consult United Enertech for warranty on steel products.
  • Consult United Enertech for 20-year warranty.

What are United Enertech standards colors?

We offer six different powder coatings and 16 Liquid coatings standard colors. Click Here for standard color chart.

What is ‘Mill Finish Aluminum”?

Mill finish is the natural state of aluminum with no mechanical or chemical finishing. Aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion, but coloration, weathering, and aging will occur over time.

Does United Enertech color match?

Yes, we can match almost any color. Due to the original color age and if it is subject to fading, there may be some differences in the color match.

Can an anodized finish be touched up in the field?

No, there is not a way to repair an anodized finish once in the field. Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish.

Can I order a replacement bird or insect screen?

Yes, we can supply replacement bird or insect screen. Consult customer service for lead time and pricing.

Can you order other deduct sizes besides deduct ¼”?

Yes, United Enertech standard is deduct ¼”. But this can be easily changed when ordering to deduct 3/8” or ½” or actual size.

Where are United Enertech louvers manufactured?

Our louvers are manufactured at one of our three facilities in the United States - Chattanooga, TN, Hartford, AL, or Phoenix, AZ.

What is the difference between “visible’ and “non-visible” mullions?

With visible mullions, you can see the frame of each section of the louver. With non-visible “hidden” mullions (also known as architectural mullions), there is no visible vertical break that can be seen from the front. This makes the louver blades look continuous. A visible mullion shows a vertical breakdown between each section.