FAQ Topics

Control Dampers

What brand of actuators does United Enertech stock?

Will United Enertech supply and mount other manufacturers actuators besides Belimo and Siemens?

Yes, we can buy any manufacturer's actuators and mount them onto our dampers.

Will United Enertech mount a customer supplied actuator?

Yes, but a few things need to be verified:

  1. We will need to verify the actuator models and torque to make sure that it can operate the damper size. Also, additional mounting hardware may be needed at additional cost.
  2. The lead time for manufacturing may be extended since the clock does not start until after we receive the actuator and verify that it works.
  3. United Enertech's product warranty does cover a customer supplied actuator.

Can a standard control damper be mounted in the field with vertical blades?

No, standard control dampers do not have thrust bearings to hold the blades into place so the damper may not function properly or reduce the longevity of the damper and/or not operate at all.

Can a single section damper with an external mounted actuator have the actuator relocated to in the airstream (internally)?

Yes, but in most cases a jackshaft will have to be added and, in some cases, this may be not so easy of task to perform.

What blade seal material does United Enertech use on their control dampers?

We use a verity of material for our blade’s seals and blade seals are optional on most models. See chart below.

Damper ModelStandard or OptionalSeal Material

What damper model should I use in coastal regions (salt air)?

Model SW-155 (Opposed Blade) and SW-156 (Parallel Blade).

The dampers are constructed of clear anodized extruded aluminum frame and blades material, hollow aerodynamic shaped blades with end caps, linkage is aluminum and 316 stainless steel, bearings are two parts bearings with the inner made of acetal copolymar and the outer part is polycarbonate, blade seals and jamb seals are santoprene (TPV).

These materials hold up to salt-laden air and other chemicals.

Can United Enertech provide Explosion Proof (NEMA 7) or Weather Resistance (NEMA 4) actuators?

Yes, we use the Belimo ZS-260 housing with the Belimo Actuators.

Housing Listing - UL and CSA; Class I, Zone 1&2, Groups B, C, D, (NEMA 7), Class II, Division 1&2, Groups E, F and G, (NEMA 9), Class III, Hazardous (classified) Locations, outdoor application NEMA 4.

Are United Enertech manual balancing dampers supplied with a hand quadrant?

Yes, all manual balancing dampers are supplied with a factory mounted or shipped loose hand quadrant.

Does United Enertech have a thermally broken insulated blade damper?

Yes, Model TB-155/156

The thermally broken frame provides an insulating barrier in the ductwork. Thermally broken blades separate the warm and cold air inside the ductwork. Sanoprene jamb seals effectively seal the penetration of air from one side of the blade to the other.

Does United Enertech have a stainless steel commercial control damper?

Yes, Models CD-120/121 heavy duty 18-gauge frame and blades are available in 304 or 316 stainless steel construction.

Can I get replacement parts for my damper?

Yes, we can supply replacement parts like blade seals, actuators, hand quadrants, jack shafting, and in some cases, some linkage parts. We cannot supply replacement frames or blades. Consult United Enertech for details.