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Indoor Air Quality Station with CD-150 Damper

X-12  Product Image

The X-12 is an outdoor air measuring station with a low leak, high performance, extruded aluminum, airfoil blade damper. The primary sensing elements are aerodynamic head devices which generate a differential (velocity) pressure output signal. The sensor's basis of design is a cylindrical tube within a cylindrical tube which permits the simultaneous measurement of both impact (total) and static pressure. The total and static sensing port design reduces the need for an air straightening device and monitors at an average deviation accuracy of 0.66% or better in a velocity range of 150 to 1100 fpm (0.76 to 5.61m/s). Station is standard with an electric actuator and EnerFlow I processor. The EnerFlow I processor utilizes current state-of-the-art digital microprocessors.