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About Us

Brief Overview

United Enertech is American owned and operated.

Our goal is to meet our customers' needs for quality and speed and maintain flexibility to adapt custom specifications as requested. Our priority is to exceed our customers' expectations!

As a customer or potential customer you are invited to tour our facility at any time. We enjoy giving tours and are proud to show what United Enertech has become.

The Story That is United Enertech

The dream began in a small cinder-block building in the 1940's. A small boy watched as his father built the building and then compiled materials needed to begin his own refrigeration business. The boy was William (Bill) Tate, and it was his father Paul that inspired the dream to continue in Bill.

Paul had graduated in the early 1940's from the Chicago School of Engineering. Soon after graduating Paul was drafted into the war, and his dream was put on hold. When he returned, he built the small cinder-block building and began getting ready to open his business. Everything was ready to start when tragedy struck. Paul suddenly fell ill and passed away. Bill was determined to carry on his father's dream and made it his own. He studied his father's engineering school books so diligently that within one year's time he could recite them verbatim. The family struggled and Bill learned the value of hard work and determination.

By 1969 Bill had completed his studies at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and had earned additional certificates in hvac. He was ready to open his own business. He named it United Air Products. He liked the team work and American patriotism that the name "United" symbolized. It was in these early days of United Air Products that Bill was an original founder of the Chattanooga ASHRAE Chapter. In the spirit of hard work and determination, he built United Air Products into a large firm by the 1980's. He decided it was now time to go to the next level and fulfill the dream. He formed United Enertech Corporation in 1988.

Now Bill was finally in his element. The engineering side of him was able to come out. In 1991 Bill was awarded Inventor of the Year by the Chattanooga Engineers Club for the patented personalized control system, Private Aire. United Enertech manufactured this wireless remote controlled temperature zone control system until the patent was sold.

In 1998 Bill sold United Air Products to focus all of his energy on United Enertech. It was at this time that United Enertech was able to begin to thrive. The company moved to a larger facility and began really making its mark in the industry. The facilities have been expanded three times since 1998 to keep up with the company's growth.

The United Enertech employees are a closely knit team of workers with a strong spirit and determination. Hard work and determination are still core values for everyone at United Enertech. These values are the building blocks for good customer relations, strong growth, quality and speed. It is with this spirit and attitude that United Enertech maintains its flexibility for custom adaptations and high tech products. These values formed from the dream are what will take United Enertech into the future of the hvac industry.