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Accessibility is our middle name.

United Enertech is always finding new ways to provide the best customer experience. You will find, below, a list of contact information that we have compiled for your convenience, for specific product purposes or departments.

Please note, the contact information for international sales is different from the local, U.S. sales.

U.S. and International Sales

Staff Directory


Shad Guinn Outside Sales / Marketing Manager (423) 643-2537
Steve Cooper VP of Architectural Sales (770) 377-5928
Jim Blentlinger Sales (423) 643-2558
Daniel Cain Sales (423) 643-2521
Tim Casson Sales (423) 698-7715 x239
Bethanei Kerby Sales / Color Matching (423) 643-2546
Mark Lindsay Sales (423) 643-2554
Keith Maynard Architectural Sales (423) 643-2555
Tim Young Sales (423) 643-2545

Order Processing

Jennifer Bassett Order Processing (423) 698-7715 x222
Angelena Maynard Order Processing (423) 698-7715 x219
Brittany Turner Order Processing (423) 698-7715 x255

Customer Service

Mary Powell Cust. Serv. / Order Processing Manager (423) 643-2531
Kim Gero Customer Service (423) 643-2543

Sales Department

U.S. and International Sales

Thank you for your interest in our company. If you wish to contact us in about sales within the United States, reach our sales department by filling out the form below or emailing them at sales@unitedenertech.com.

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